Payment Terms and Refund Policy

1. Before making any payment for our membership, you are advice to read and understand the payment terms and refund policy by us Creatifplus Sdn Bhd (Registration No 1296762-M), a company incorporated in Malaysia. Once you proceed to made payment to us in the manner provided, it is deemed that you have acknowledged, agreed and accepted the terms and condition stated herein. 


2. Before becoming our member you shall pay a sum of USD200 being the application fee for the membership (“Application Fee”). Within 30 days upon receiving the Application Fee and all the necessary details from you, we shall verify your application for approval at our absolute discretion. All members shall meet and fulfill the criteria and requirements stated by us before becoming our official member.  Before approval of your application, we may seek additional information and/or documents from you to verify your application. 


3. In the event you application is not approved by us for whatsoever reasons, the Application Fee deducting any administrative charges and related costs imposed by your card issuing bank (in case the payment the Application Fee is paid by cards) shall be refunded to you. In the event there shall be any administrative charges and related costs imposed by your card issuing bank, the aforesaid costs shall be absorbed by you.    


  1. In the event your application is approved by us, you shall pay to us a further sum of USD1000 being non-refundable payment of the membership to us with 14  days upon our written notification to you (“Membership Fee”), failing which it is deemed that you are no longer interested to be our member and the Application Fee paid by you to us shall be forfeited by us absolutely. 


5. Upon payment of the Membership Fee, you shall officially be our member upon our written notification to you and the membership shall be valid for a year and upon expiry the membership will be renewal year subject to further payment. 


6. By making payment to us, it is deemed that you have agree to  authorize us to collect and process (including the collection and processing through a third party) your information required by processing service providers or the financial institution that issues your payment instrument such as a credit or debit card (“Payment Instrument”) in order to verify your identity. Personal information collected about you may be shared to such third parties (including to handle your transaction and/or maintain your account) is set out in our Privacy Policy.


3. To complete payment for the of the Application Fee and Membership Fee, you hereby us to charge or debit your Payment Instrument for the aforesaid payment.Please ensure that your Payment Instrument is valid and has sufficient credit for the payment. If the Payment Instrument cannot be charged for whatever reason, the application and the membership will not be valid and is deemed canceledimmediately.


4. Certain Payment Instrument companies charge their member banks a fee for processing "foreign transactions". If you make card transactions and the recipient uses a bank located in a different country other than the bank which issued your card, an international service assessment, cross-border transaction fee or similar fee may be charged. Your issuing bank may or may not pass this fee on to you (the card user). Please contact your issuing bank for details as this is outside our control.


5. In the event of Payment Instrument fraud or unauthorized use of your Payment Instrument by third parties, you should contact your bank or card issuer immediately upon becoming aware of such unauthorized use. If you suspect an unauthorized or fraudulentpayment was made via us, please contact us immediately.


6. In order to pay for the Application Fee and Membership Fee, you must be 18 years old and above (or such other age at which majority is reached in your country or territory) and have the full legal capacity to make the transaction (or have the authorization to do so from your legal guardian). You undertake that the Payment Instrument you are using is your own or that you are authorized to complete thepayment with this Payment Instrument and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the transaction. You accept financial responsibility for all transactions made under your name or account.


7. You undertake that the details you provide us with in making the payment are fully correct. We reserves the right not to accept certain Payment Instruments. We may add or remove other payment methods or payment gateway at our discretion and without notice to you. To expedite the payment, We offers the option to have your Payment Instrument details securely stored on file. If you choose to store a credit or debit card with us, we may not ask you for the Card Verification Value or security code the next time you use it to make a payment.


8. You hereby acknowledge and agree that the terms and condition in relation of the payment terms and the refund policy stated herein may subject to change from time to time without any notice to you.